What’s In It For Me? Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Overseas Property Investment


The great thing about investing in property overseas is that you can do what suits you best. Few other forms of investment offer this.

For instance, ask yourself why you want to invest in the first place. Do you want to

  • create a second income;
  • have a holiday home that pays for itself;
  • retire to a warmer climate;
  • run a full-time property business?

You may even be interested in a combination of these.

You also have options about the way you deal with your investment. Do you prefer to have a completely hands-off approach and leave everything to other people? Or do you intend to get personally involved with property development and renovation; bookings for tenants; and rent collection?

The choices are yours to take. And you can base these not just on economic factors but on your personal inclinations.

Investment strategy

Strategies for some types of investment are complex. This certainly doesn’t have to apply to overseas property.

The first question to ask about your investment strategy is do you want to use all of your own money? Financial institutions recognize properties worldwide as valuable assets. You can therefore pay the incidental costs (legal fees, etc.) and a deposit; a bank may then give you a mortgage for the balance.

And never rule out the possibility of using a bank located in the same country as the property. A good lawyer can guide you through the legal aspects – and give you the confidence to proceed.

Once again, you have a choice! And this is linked to what you intend to do with your property and the strategy you have for future years. For example, you may hope to

  • buy property with a mortgage and offset this with rental income;
  • resell the property, make a profit and buy something larger (or purchase two properties);
  • buy a property outright with your own money and use it as equity for expanding your portfolio.

Whatever route you take, you have a flexible approach that conventional investment opportunities often lack.


Financial gurus will tell you that profitable investment is about successful risk management. In other words, you need to reduce the chances of losing your money.

The advantage of overseas properties is that they are tangible. They’re bricks and mortar. You can see exactly what you’re getting for your cash. The financial nature of overseas property is also relatively simple to understand. After all, the basics of an apartment or villa in Spain, Italy or Venezuela are no different to those of your home in the UK.

Three elements therefore make up the potential risk.

  1. Location and quality.
  2. What you plan to do with the property.
  3. Future price fluctuations.

You can put your mind at rest over these by conducting research. This needn’t be difficult. Overseas property investment is a well-trodden path. There are plenty of professional people commenting about the market and producing financial forecasts.

You can also spend time visiting the area you have in mind. Take time to enjoy the weather and make your own assessment. This isn’t something you can do with most other forms of investment!

Making money

No investment can guarantee that you’ll make money. But when you research the potential of overseas property, you’ll find that the right place can bring you regular income and a worthwhile resale profit.

Regular short- or long-term lets to tenants generate the income. This can not only cover your costs but give you money to spare. A good resale profit depends on a number of factors. But without being too simplistic, if you buy in an area that is developing fast and has good transport links, you can watch the price of your property rise steadily.

This, in a nutshell, is the ideal investment. One which earns you money and increases in value. Overseas property can provide you with these and help you achieve an investor’s ultimate goal: financial freedom.

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